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This looks more like an attempt to use tenses rather than to communicate... That usually make bad English. Firstly there is no need for the past perfect "hadn't you said". The past perfect is rare, and you should often just use the past tense instead. Why didn't you say... Also "tell" is a better verb than "say" in this ...


There is no difference between your two examples. One can include the word "that", or one can exclude it. It is more likely to be included in writing than in speech. The more formal the context, the more likely the "that" is to be included. She said that they had gone out last night. She said they had gone out last night. Both are ...


(1) If the conversation was face-to-face, you would say later "I told you we had not met," meaning 'we had not met until then'. If the conversation was by telephone or online and you still have not met one another in person, it would be possible to use "have not". (2) I would expect A to say "If I don't collect my parcel, they will ...


Both are grammatically correct. As you are practising back-shifting, you are probably expected to backshift both verb phrases to the past perfect. There is an error near the end of both your examples... can you find it?

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