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Many have already told you why Urban Dictionary is not to be taken too seriously but... let's see what's happening here exactly. means cool. without actually having to say cool. cuz cool is an ugly word. First of all, notice that this definition is written in a very colloquial style. The first sentence doesn't even have a subject. No capitalization. Full ...


Urban dictionary has a definition for everything, the majority of words on UD have probably only been used by less than 10 people. I have never seen the word "nive" before and I doubt anyone you speak to will have either. The primary useful use for Urban Dictionary is to work out a new word that you see people actively using means and even then there is ...


No, cool is not an ugly word. And the Urban Dictionary is not to be taken seriously! It's almost a parody. Also, just say whatever you want, you don't have to adjust your speech for anyone just to appear "cool"..... :)


There is nothing wrong with “cool” as an informal sign of approval. I disagree with the Urban Dictionary editor who said that it’s ugly. In fact, as far as informal words go, “cool” is quite a venerable example, since it has been in use since as early as the 1960s I suspect. The only reason I’d use “nive” — which I hadn’t heard of until now — would be if I ...


"Hit a switch" ultimately comes from a lowrider/low low/scraper with hydraulics installed. You hit the switch and it gets poppin. Gets bouncing. Hit a switch on someone is to get poppin on them. Often sexually. 6lack says she's claiming that he switched on her because it's pretty common for your partner to think you're having sex someone else if all of a ...


I think the source of that statement was mixing his idioms. I think he meant to say "cut the mustard" (meaning "to be adequate"), but he accidentally confused "mustard" with "cheese", with funny results -- unless he did it on purpose to be humorous.


As might be guessed from context "cut the cheese" can mean "be sufficient" or "do the job".


It is slang, but the meaning is fairly literal: don't act hatefully towards me. It's often said humorously, where hate is a much stronger word than would be appropriate. In this more jocular context, the meaning is more like, "don't be rude."

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