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I wouldn't consider the Urban Dictionary to be an authority - anyone can add a definition and it gets upvoted or downvoted. The entry you refer to currently has 23 upvotes and 18 downvotes, and that's all the attention it has had in the 17 years since it was written. I haven't personally heard the word used in this way, but I've checked another transcript of ...


“times a million” is an idiom based on exaggeration that means something is much more powerful, effective, etc. (or any other adjective; the precise adjective would be inferred from the object, e.g., a cattle prod). So it exaggerates and claims that it’s a million times better than a cattle prod. For clarity, “times”, here, means “multiplied by”. As an aside,...


These are two different idioms. The verb kick off means literally "start" (certain games, in particular soccer), and in transferred usage "start a process or activity". It has an associated noun "kick-off" which is also used figuratively, though in my experience less often than the verb. But it doesn't have the meaning "...


I am in 8th grade and me and my friends just say play. Like we say "Do you wanna play with me at recess?" or "Do you wanna come over?" We don't say hang out. Majority of the kids at school play with toys still, even though we are 13. It doesn't matter. We like to be kids.


The expression is non-standard slang. The meaning is clearly, given the context, that Eugene is annoyed by the proposal to turn the building with the largest amount of space into a church instead of making better use of it by turning it into "a lab, a machine shop, very least a sweet-ass game room". It is very likely an expression invented by the ...


“Cordeen” and “ox tongue” are apparently real pickpocket slang for two types of pocketbooks, or “pokes”. Given the context, I would guess the type of poke affects the technique required to pick it without being noticed. “Cordeen” is short for “accordion”. I can’t find a clear definition for “ox tongue”.

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