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Does on the whole mean the same as top of the hour?

"On the whole" is a an idiom that can mean "all things considered", or "generally speaking". Your example seems like it might be a very badly written joke that makes no ...
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Using The "Across" preposition in "The Pharmacy is across the Market" sentence is appropriate?

You could say 'The pharmacy is across the market' to indicate that it is somewhere on the other side of the market place. If you use opposite you need a point of reference. 'The pharmacy is on the ...
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Can I reply to "How are you doing?" with "I'm good"?

Be careful, as I'm good very often is an informal (yet polite) way of saying no, thanks or not for me, thanks or not just now, maybe later. To your point that a single adjective (fine, great, swell..) ...
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