Are you familiar with constructions like as quickly as possible? The author is quoting 'relevant texts' as fully (in as much detail) as he can without making his book too long (keeping it 'reasonably brief').


states that you find her working in her garden each time you visit her. That's to say that she spends most of her time in the garden and that's where you generally encounter her. suggests that she reacts to your arrival by choosing to work in her garden. It's the way that she deals with your appearance. It is like saying: Whenever I visit her, she puts on ...


The purpose of the word “to” in that headline is to further reveal the subject’s (Floyd Mayweather’s) intention or to provide to the reader why it was given. Thus, the answer to (a) is yes, adding the words “in order” to the headline would be an appropriate way of rewriting it. However, it should be noted this is not a complete sentence (something that is ...

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