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It would have been helpful if the OP had mentioned that the sentence comes, as Google reveals, from the Wikipedia page about John Houghton (c. 1486 – 4 May 1535), a Carthusian hermit and Catholic priest. The 'house' here is the London Charterhouse, which was, prior to the reign of Henry VIII, a Roman Catholic monastery belonging to the Carthusian Order. ...


When "sporting" is substituted for "equipped," I see it most often used in product advertisements or reviews. You might see something like "Renault's latest car model is sporting a heated steering wheel" as that would be an uncommon and notable feature. However, it would be highly unlikely that someone would write "Renault's latest car model is sporting a ...


I'm completely convinced that the word "sporting" is a typographical error, and it should be supporting


It would be better to say His senses (meaning sight, hearing etc.) have not come back. Sense in the singular would be taken to mean common sense. However, the most idiomatic version would be He has been unconscious since yesterday.

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