I think 'blocked' seems too generic if there are no elaborations. You may consider 'boycotted'. 'During the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union "boycotted" each other.'


As '鑄造建材' appears as one term, I believe it means 'the making of building materials by casting metals'. Otherwise, there should be 2 separate terms, '鑄造' and '建材'. The sentence has become very long, and I suggest breaking it into 2. I suggest we change the 'so that' in this new line to 'thus'. 'Therefore, the development of labour-intensive, low-tech or ...


The passage is fine. I suggest minor tweaks as shown below: I deleted the comma before the first 'and'. The 2 phrases in [ ] can be joined by the 'and' without the deleted comma. I added a few commas at the ** locations and also 'hence' on the last line. 'Marketing' and 'market' are terms you may want to consider. My suggestion is 'Generally speaking, ...

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