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Your phrase can't use an article, so use: There is very heavy security around that building. But often you will hear: There is a very heavy security presence around that building. where presence is a singular noun (definition 1). Though in either case you can't really know what the "security" involves.


"Security" is a mass noun, so it should not have an indefinite article: "There is very heavy security."


Yes, in principle, but not the examples you give. You could say: There was water, a puddle, on the floor. It's a bit of an artificial example. But it is correct. Your example doesn't work. With apposition the sentence should "work" if you only use one of the nouns. So if I say "He lived in Paris, the capital of France" and I remove ...


We usually refer to a potion in the sense of a particular mixture made up by someone, rather than a generic substance like milk or wine. So you could say 'The witch drank some of the potion she had made'. (Of course, we can also say a wine to refer to a particular kind.) It's possible that some of the quotations found by Google are using 'some potion' to ...


Because spending is, as you say, a non-count noun, I would not use it when referring to specific amounts of money (like $2,000 or $3,000). I would use a different word, for example: The expenditures for things such as books and salaries are $2,000 and $3,000 respectively. But in the given example sentence specific amounts were not listed, so "...

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