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Is 'Yours sincerely,' part of a sentence?

It's not a sentence. It has no verb. However, it is contraction of "I am yours sincerely", but nobody really uses that today. Note that there are differences in letter writing etiquette ...
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How grammatically sound are letter valedictions like "Best regards"?

All of these are shortened versions of longer phrases, which we no longer use (and which only a few people might actually know). For example, the ubiquitous "goodbye" is actually a greatly shortened ...
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Does "Bests" mean "Best regards" in emails?

It depends on where Mike is from. Perhaps there is a similar expression in his native language which he has tried to replicate in English. Or perhaps he has a personal reason for using this phrase. ...
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The usage of Yours faithfully and Yours sincerely

You are overthinking this. Most native speakers will happily use "Yours sincerely," at the end of any formal letter. Hardly anybody would notice, even fewer would care. If you are still ...
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How grammatically sound are letter valedictions like "Best regards"?

The short answer is: It is not a complete sentence. It is not intended to be a complete sentence. Thus, it does not have to be grammatically correct in the sense of having a verb, an object, etc. ...
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"Best regards" vs. "Best Regards"

I am studying English on the official British Council website. In one of the practice exercises my answer was marked wrong when I used "Best regards" and have been corrected to "Best Regards". I hope ...
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