Perhaps appeal, contest, or dispute. Appeal is commonly used in the context of challenging court decisions by taking them to a higher court, but it could be used in an academic setting as well. Contest essentially means challenge, but doesn't have a specific institutional sense associated with it. Dispute also means challenge, and is often used in the ...


Appeal a request made to a court of law or to someone in authority to change a previous decision:


In UK English it is sometimes said that you throw a switch. You could also say that you flip the switch on then off. The words jiggle or joggle have also been used to describe rapid on/off switching.


Another term is simply conflict-avoidant . I think that 'pushover' has a more negative connotation, so if you were trying to describe this more neutrally I would use conflict-avoidant or, similarly, conflict-averse As in My co-worker is very conflict-avoidant, so it can be difficult to get his real opinion about the problems we are having on the project.

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