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How to say "to prepare a place for sleeping" (for example to put a sheet, blanket and pillow on the bed)?

to make a bed/the bed for you: the general case to make a bed for you on the couch or sofa OR to make up a bed for you on the couch to make or make up a bed for you on the floor [with cushions or an ...
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Is there a verb form of ‘oblique’?

A typographer might talk about slanting a typeface. Mathematically minded typographers might talk about skewing a typeface. For everybody else would say "italicize". In practice, oblique ...
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Is there a verb form of ‘oblique’?

There is a word: the verb form of the word 'oblique' is oblique. From the Oxford English Dictionary†: 1.b. 1986– transitive. Computing. To render (a font or character) oblique. (Oxford English ...
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Is there a verb form of ‘oblique’?

No, there is not an exact verb form of 'oblique' in the sense of putting text into an oblique font. But don't worry - even if there was one, you wouldn't use it much. Although italic fonts and oblique ...
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Is there a verb form of ‘oblique’?

Although it's always hard to prove a negative, I'm going to say no, there's no such verb. I just learned something from your question; I wasn't aware of oblique typeface as distinguished from italic. ...
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The word for the movement in picture

As you say, the funeral is the 'process' - the ceremony of saying goodbye to the departed before their body is disposed of. We can't call the dead body a funeral. The funeral is being carried is not ...
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