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Hiya all!

If you reached this page you must really want to know more about me (which is so exciting, I know), so there you go. My previous job had included many nightshifts which required me to find a way to spend the time, but also to stay awake. I had tried painting and munching on sunflower seeds resulting in a half-empty coloring book and 5 extra kilograms.

A friend suggested I try reading, which I had never done before except for a couple of books in prime school. I took her up on that and started with a few fantasy novels, followed by Harry Potter and Falling Kingdoms. Both series got me thinking of an idea of my own and then my adventure with writing has begun.

As I have gotten deeper into the writing process I realized I almost randomly choose between past tenses without making much sense or putting any meaning in. That's where ELL comes in; it's a platform for me both to get the answers for the burning questions I couldn't find an answer for online, and a platform to help others as my English is not that rubbish if I'm frank with myself.

I'm 23, I live in Israel, and I'm starting my first degree in Economics in college soon.

Live on and forth my fellow ELLs!

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