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23 votes

If someone is using slang words and phrases when talking to me, would that be disrespectful and I should be offended?

12 votes

Why is this kind of sentence still officially accepted?

4 votes

Why is it "she really done me"?

1 vote

Is saying "I am excited to eat grapes" correct to imply that you like eating grapes?

1 vote

Is PC used as an English expression for a computer in English speaking countries?

1 vote

Can we use the phrase "the city of + name" to any city in the world or just to the cities which have something special?

0 votes

If "to get married" is passive, what would be the active form of this: "She got married by the priest."

0 votes

Request for a word that means a "one single element not separate from each other"

0 votes

Should All or Most Words in a Stack Overflow/Stack Exchange Question be Capitalized?

-1 votes

bloody or having flowing blood

-2 votes

Does a "dark" sport make sense?

-4 votes

Is it correct to say "The heater must have gone off."?