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We do not say "aboot" but pronounce the ou in "about" the same way you pronounce the ow in "cow." So don't have a coo man.

We do say, "eh", as the ay in day, and we say it alot, eh.

If you don't know who Bob and Doug are you'll never fully understand Canadian usage of English.

Growing up the noon meal was dinner, the evening meal was supper and the morning meal was optional. "Lunch" made its only appearance in "after-school lunch" that most often saw the "after-school" part dropped. It was always a great incentive to get home right after school. When I entered employment and started getting invitations to "lunch" I laughed in so many faces that people stopped asking me. I just never figured why they wanted to take me home for an after-school lunch. One result is that in my 60 years I've been out to lunch fewer than a dozen times! Though, I have been considered "out to lunch" much, much more often than that.

True: I once made a little sign (ie. shaped like a sign on a stick) that I affixed to my forehead that said: "Out to lunch. Will return when something interesting happens." I was almost immediately and sternly told, "That's too many words for a sign."

I've been religiously verbose ever since.

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