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I am French, Male, from Grenoble (38).

Here are my technical skills... I've been working in IT for 16 years.

I practiced a lot of languages since I started programming (personaly and professionaly) :

  • Assembler 68030 on Amiga 500/1200, especially LegoBlast (on Aminet), and a lot of Amos Basic.
  • C++ on Amiga, and then on PC, for example with DirectX for a 3D LOD landscape
  • A little bit of Java : Eclipse, NetBeans and Android Studio, SQLite
  • PHP 4/5, MySQL
  • JavaScript, HTML4, CSS3, XSL/XSLT
  • Visual Basic 6, MS Access, VB.Net 2.0
  • Finally for my work a lot of C# 4.0 (WPF, Silverlight 4, Asp.Net) and a lot of SQL Server

I like to say that we can do everything with code. It's just a matter of time. I love to develop my own tools and experiment new technologies.

I try to organize my code in a clean architecture. I recently discovered "Dependency Injection", and I really like that. I known I have to learn Html5 because this is really flourishing.

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