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Isabella Riquetti
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I'm not good at introducing my self:

My main language is C#, but I also know a little bit about Javascript and had already had some adventures in some other languages.

I'm used to both .NET Framework and Core, and I'm always trying to keep up with the versions.

My preference for a development environment is Visual Studio (I like the VS Community, don't judge me), but I can make things work even without it (I just rather not).

I don't have any experience using another cloud computing platform other than Azure and its services.

I really like to develop API's and Web Applications, but if it's needed I can develop Desktop and Mobile apps too.

Even tho is not my specialty I like frontend development, my experience with it is just with the vanilla HTML and CSS, and I'm still just starting to learn how to use Typescript, but I still like this field.

My favorite project managing framework is Scrum, but I often find myself realizing that some things are better handled by Kanban.

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