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He is studying for a Ph.D. at IIT Bombay. He received his M. Tech from IIT Delhi. He received his B. Tech (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from M.M.M. University of Technology, Gorakhpur (UP).

He authored his first book Advanced Geometry based on research articles in Mathematics, which was first published by Notion Press, Chennai, India in April 2014.

He also authored a new book Electro-Magnetism in Theoretical Physics in Feb 2020.

Published papers of the author by Journals of Mathematics

  1. HCR’s Rank or Series Formula, (1) & (2)” IJMPSR March, 2014
  2. HCR’s Series (Divergence)” IOSR March-April, 2014
  3. HCR’s Infinite-series” IJMPSR Oct, 2014
  4. HCR’s Theory of Polygon” IJMPSR Oct, 2014

He derived Formula for all five platonic solids using his Theory of Polygon. He derived HCR's Theorem & Corollary and applied for Mathematical Analysis and Modeling of pyramidal flat containers with regular n-gonal base, n-gonal right pyramids, and polyhedrons. He analyzed Archimedean solids, Goldberg polyhedra, and truncated & expanded polyhedra using his formula for regular polyhedra. He generalized formulas for regular spherical polygons, infinite families of n-Trapezohedron with congruent right kite faces, regular n-gonal right antiprism, & n-polyhedron with trapezoidal faces.

H.C. Rajpoot is originally from a rural village Buraura in district Mahoba (Bundelkhand) of Uttar Pradesh state of India-210429.

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