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Kumaresan Perumal

  • I dived into Java Swing, Core Java, Spring MVC, JPA, Spring Data, Hibernate, Spring Security, REST Web Service, JSON, Thymeleaf.
  • I got my foot wet on NodeJS, Express, Python, Angularjs,Angular 5, 6 and Spring boot, Maven, Linux OS Ubuntu.
  • I analyze about OOPs concept myself.
  • I am swimming in Java 8.
  • I am writing in Kotlin language and Spring Integration
  • I worked on Eclipse, Netbeans, Intelij IDEA, Spring Tool Suite
  • The version controls are Github, Gitlab
  • The bug trackers are Trello, Jira, Asana
  • The web languages are HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Jquery, JavaScript
  • The databases are Mysql, MongoDB and Neo4j