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TL;DR - I like all technology without bias. Won't take sides in iOS vs Android or Java vs C fanboy wars. A proud Indian. Die-hard fan of the language we know as English! I develop software in my day job. Post-work hours are split 2:1 between family and personal interests. My username has nothing to do with what Urban Dictionary defines!

In Tamil, or Tanglish(Tamil+English) to be specific, there is a phrase - "biscot-u payaley" (Thus the username BiscuitBoy, and nothing to do with what Urban Dictionary defines). This roughly translates to Noob in English. Because just when I feel confident about getting hold of any technology/framework, along comes a more advanced technology/framework! So my competency is reset every few months. That's how fast technology is progressing. Therefore,

If I don't learn, I die.

I'd like to try out various programming languages, keep abreast with latest tech developments and make use of what I have learnt to improve my efficacy or simply, make life easier(via automation).

The reason behind my various StackExchange accounts:

  1. StackOverflow - Software development is my bread and butter. And SO has helped me solve, and more importantly, understand a lot of problems that I have faced during development and debugging. Thus, I decided to create a profile to learn, share and express my gratitude. If I am not asking questions, you can find me up-voting!

  2. The Workplace - It is at my office that I spend most part of the day working 40+ hours a week. As straightforward it might seem, the truth is that any workplace is a maze. And I need some suggestions to navigate and come out trumps! And share whatever little expertise I have and help others find their way through this maze!

  3. English Language & Usage - Ah! Now how do I put this?! Apart from Rail Roads, English is the most useful gift that we Indians have gotten to enjoy, thanks to the British who decided to take a casual stroll and search for spices in the 16th century! English is not my native language but I have been speaking it since the age of 2! I love puns, idioms and phrases, streaming sci-fi over my wi-fi, British accent, writing diaries and learning new words to expand my vocabulary. I'd love to share whatever little drop I know in an ocean called English.

  4. English Language Learners - Umm... my questions tend to get migrated here!

  5. Skeptics - I am really amazed by the spectrum of topics that is being asked about here. I too have my fair share of questions that needs to be clarified with scientific backing!

I'll keep expanding this list, as and when I register with more SE network sites to learn, share and care :)

I am unique, just like everybody else! Thanks for reading this excruciating long , narcissistic bio of mine.

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