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Peter Point
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Trading on a lifetime of being a professional wordsmith in the world of gastronomy and in other, more diverse fields of communication. Aim to pursue this activity beyond the grave with a catchy epitaph etched in tablets of tombstone. Likes to bandy words with with the great and the good on the burning issues of the day. Once had my LTTE published in The Times. Thinking of starting a campaign to abolish any acronym that doesn't explain itself at a glance. Content to see my words in print without a byline. Spend most of my days in retirement handing out $5 fixed penalty notices to miscreants who misuse the word "awesome" [sic & thrice sick]. Likewise "like", used by the inarticulate as a meaningless interjection. This is my Heart of Darkness moment: The horror! The horror!

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Sep 19, 2016