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I’m a Software Developer working with Microsoft SharePoint since 2003, with broad experience in IT products and solutions from Microsoft, Linux, CISCO and Furukawa. I have been developing and leading large projects for a couple of years, now also in JAVA.

The most recent projects included Installation and Configuration of Server Farms, Services Provision, Platform and Application Migration, Site Creation, Solution Development and day to day Support using Visual Studio, SharePoint Designer and Infopath. With JAVA I was able to develop commercial, CRM and high user interaction applications, successfully integrating IP PBXs, localization services, mobile applications and interconnection with external ERP systems, all “On Premises” and also on the cloud.

My goal is to provide Professional SharePoint/JAVA Services and Virtual Support to companies in need of assistance/help in this area.

Entering new technologies has allowed me to improve my professional career by adding skills and learn a wide range of technics to be able to provide solutions that add value to users on a different platform than the one that I was used to work with.


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