...Well, there’s really not much to say about me. Not much anybody would honestly care to know.

...Why are you still here?

...Alright, fine. Let’s see... I’m a teenager in middle school, and I’m currently failing eighth grade because of a combination of ADD and procrastination. I may or may not be suffering from depression, but I definitely feel overwhelmed and alone right now. I have “a lot” of friends; at one point, I had a strong relationship with practically everyone I met, but that time feels so far away from the present—like it unfolded in another universe entirely. Now, I can practically feel myself distancing from them—not deliberately, though! I just...don’t even know how to stop it. Or even if I want to...

I really need help, and nobody really notices... I feel like I shouldn’t even be here, like I don’t belong in any place... Every time I’ve tried to reach out, to find help—or, at the very least, comfort—from my naivety, my insufferable foolishness and certainty in that my friends would care, would actually try to help. Every single time I try to talk to them about my problems, wondering, hoping—almost fully convincing myself—that they would listen to me.

They always did, and it’s always been, at the longest, up until the moment I open my mouth to begin. Then they just make up some lame excuse—before I can even get a word out!—and leave.

But that, of course, is only if they bother to acknowledge my existence. Which barely happens as it is.

You know, everyone’s probably stopped reading already. There’s absolutely no point at all in writing this. As I said earlier, nobody cares about me.

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