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I'm here to learn

Great people I learned from them: (and still)
1. Hans Passant
2. Eric Lippert
3. Stephen Cleary

If you came across an answer for me, and you will, which contains incorrect, unclear, inaccurate information, please Down-Vote & comment ASAP so I see the error and correct it. Answers, are supposed to be helpful not just for the OP, but for anyone who might read them afterwards. I do mistakes regularly

If you came across any post for me, and you will, which contains grammatical mistakes. Please, edit it. I will approve it the moment I see the corrections, and if you mentioned where exactly I screwed up grammar I will be more than grateful. I love English, and I'm still learning it, and I really enjoy learning.

Sincere Thanks for

1. InBetween for notifying me about a very stupid mistake I did in a certain answer.
2. mjwills for starting that discussion with me in the comment section about AutoFac which make me delete an unnecessary answer I've posted back then
3. BoltClock for teaching me a couple things about reviewing Triage posts.

I'm sure, this list will be very very very long one day.

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