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Michael Schumacher
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Background in computer science and image manipulation.

I'm a contributor to GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program.

You won't find that much code by me in the GIMP codebase - more of it in the website. You will find many comments on bugs and features requests for GIMP in in GNOME Bugzilla. You will find posts on the GIMP mailing lists. And you will find me on IRC, in the channel #gimp on

My main interest on the SE site is the Graphics Design SE (but I admit that I am partly responsible for making it GraphicDesignSoftwareSupport.SE). I hunt for GIMP-related questions on other stacks, and try to answer them.

My most activity by far happened in the gestation of the Open Source stack. My main motivation for committing to was to find a place where people interested in free and open source software licensing can have discussions, without diving to deep into law.

GIMP is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 and Lesser General Public License v3. I support the ideas of the Free Software Foundation in regard to Free Software and the Four Freedoms.

I am not interested in holy wars about which license is better than another - I will point out problems I see with any of them, however.

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