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I need grammatical explanation for this sentence "its poor torn mouth an O of agony"
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Actually it doesn't need a verb there, because there is already a main clause with a verb ("was flopping"). You could also write: The fish was flopping about frantically, its poor torn mouth [like]...

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Are marketing ploys the same as marketing gimmicks?
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For me, there's a difference: a gimmick is a novelty with no value except to increase sales. A ploy is a plan or strategy. I'd say both are acceptable, but i prefer just doing away with the word ...

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Which punctuation mark is most appropriate in the following sentence?
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Actually i think only (2) is strictly correct if you want to say "the objective is to answer this question." Compare: I made the objective: to answer this question. I made the objective to answer ...

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If both gold and golden refer to "made of gold", how do I choose?
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@Katy has the answer for your example sentences. Golden tends to be used metaphorically, and it should be used when the object cannot possibly be made of gold. Examples: golden goose golden ...

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It isn’t raining - I wish it would rain. Why not "I wish it was raining"?
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Both are correct; they just mean slightly different things. Consider: 1) I wish it would rain -- it's so hot now. 2) I wish it was raining -- I would have slept better last night. (1) expresses hope ...

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"He borrowed me some money."; right or wrong?
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Technically, the dative He borrowed me some money. does mean He lent me some money. It's just money borrowed from someone else. To answer the OP's question, it's grammatically right, but (...

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