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A passionate Software Engineer and AWS Cloud Practioner with a wide variety of skills including (but not limited to) PHP 7/8, Symfony 5, Laravel 8/9, Angular 14, Typescript, SCSS/CSS, HTML, MYSQL, MSSQL, Oracle, DevOps, GitLab, Agile Development, Microsoft Azure, Azure Kubernetes Services, Amazon AWS & Docker.

I enjoy the challenges and responsibilities of managing diverse teams and supervising projects to meet stakeholders' demands. I am a conscientious worker, constantly seeking to improve my knowledge and keep up with the ever-evolving IT domain. I enjoy enhancing my skills by developing my own projects:

🌐 APIDocumenter - (as presented at Symfony Meetup) 🌐 -

Outside of work, I enjoy playing Cricket, long-distance running, hiking, landscape & nature photography, exploring National Trust & RSPB sites, and walks in nature.

📷 Photography - 🖼️ Best shots -

Always open to connecting with new people.

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