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  • My name is Andrew
  • BS Computer Science (2014), Minors in Software Engineering and Audio Engineering
  • Working in industry since 2013


  • Currently doing a lot of AWS, terraform, and Kubernetes stuff (@angarrett in K8s and calico slack)
  • "Favorite" language is Python
  • Other langs: bash, Go, Ruby
  • In past lives: Scala, Java, Javascript/Coffeescript, C/C++, Erlang, Prolog, Lisp, SQL/CQL
  • Other stuff: Cassandra, ansible, Puppet, Datadog, tmux
  • Daily driving a Mac but I do most development on Linux

Open Source Contributions

  • Kubernetes
  • terraform
  • awscli
  • datadog-agent
  • moto
  • troposphere
  • kubectl-view-utilization
  • powerline
  • pam_hook
  • packer
  • packagecloud's Java client
  • cascade
  • specs2
  • hubot-meme

Not-programming stuff

  • I can hold my own in GIMP, Adobe Premiere, Audacity, and OBS
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