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Shivani Sonagara
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I have 3.5+ year extensive experience as a Full stack developer. I can develop a simple website or complex web application for you with or without the help of Graphic designers and UX/front-end developers.

Listed below are my experience and skills:

  • Frameworks : MEAN, Node js, Express, React js, Laravel, Codeigniter

  • Programming language : C, C++, core java, JavaScript, jQuery, python, php, typescript

  • Database : Firebase, MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres SQL, Sqlite3, DynamoDB

  • IDE Known: Eclipse, Visual Code Studio, Atom, sublime, phpstorme

  • Project management tool: Asana, Trello, Jira

  • Application server: Express

  • OS Knowledge: Windows, Linux

  • Version Control System: Github, GitLab, Bit-buket

  • API Integration: Twilio SMS API, Google Calendar API, Google mail API, Facebook API, helliomessing API, Google Map API, Payment gateway integration like stripe and paypal

  • AWS Services like cloudfront, S3 bucket management, EC2 instance launching, implement lambda function.

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