I was reading editorial in Times Of India and read these two lines:

This October as many as 3.2 million Indian debit cards were reported to have been compromised in a big breach of financial data. Even as that investigation continues, demonetisation has sent e-banking and e-wallets on the up and up with inadequate digital literacy to cope with this shift.

I dont understand following lines:

What does have been compromised mean actually ?The writer talks about some investigation. What is the investigation ?

The article is titled 'Check cyber crim', dated, 13 Dec(IST) at :http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/toi-editorials/check-cyber-crime-as-india-goes-digital-fast-its-vulnerabilities-also-grow-at-a-worrying-pace/

Any help will be highly appreciated.

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What does have been compromised mean actually?

This means that the confidential information pertaining to the hacked debit cards fell into the hands of unauthorized personnel.

The writer talks about some investigation. What is the investigation?

This investigation is the one ordered by the Government (or some competent authority) to look into as to how such a breach (hack) took place.


"in a big breach of financial data"

simply refers to the possible unauthorized access (referred to as a breach) of the (financial) data (such as account details, passwords, CVV numbers, etc.) pertaining to those 3.2 million debit cards.


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