1. Who did find my keys?
    is wrong "Who found my keys?" is right


  1. Which film did you see yesterday evening?
    is right.
  2. Why did she phone you yesterday?
    is right.

Those are question I answered at face2face course.


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It isn't just about the past simple tense form but about whether you want to ask about a subject or an object. We usually use the wh-words who, whose, which and what both as subject and object but with a slight difference. For example:

  • Who is the best footballer in the world? (who as subject) (He is the best footballer because.....)

  • Who did you meet? (who as object) (I met Dunken...)

  • What happened after that? (what as subject) (This was what happened next...)

  • What did you say? (what as object). (I said thatshe left ...)

  • So The question here Who Did Find My Keys? is wrong because you ask about the subject( suppose the answer is: Sue found my keys). So "Who Found My Keys?" is correct.

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