I mean that I need a word to describe a person who always opposes the development of society and has outdated concepts and ideas. For example, an Asian person who doesn't like people having tattoos or accept girls who have sex before marriage.

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The most general term for what you're asking would be conservative. You can't get any more basic than that. This word has a lot of different meanings, but the basic idea is that a conservative person is someone who is averse to change and innovation and typically holds traditional values. That's how most dictionaries define it.


My parents don't like this modern idea that you can have sex before marriage. They're very conservative.

Another term that can be used in a similar way to conservative is old-fashioned. The meaning is exactly the same. Old-fashioned people tend to lean towards more traditional or conservative ideas or customs.


My grandparents are strongly opposed to this modern idea that you can have sex before marriage. They're very old-fashioned, you know.


Let's see:

  • Red-pilled.
  • Sensible.
  • Wise.
  • Traditionalist.
  • Self-respecting.
  • Red-blooded.
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Another word commonly used is reactionary.

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