What is the meaning of "he got a funny look" ?

What is the difference in meaning between two sentence,

1) he take a funny look

2) he get a funny look

Does "he got a funny look" mean "he made his face funny" ?

Deos "he take a funny look" mean "he see someone make the face funny" ?


Neither sentence is correct, the grammar is wrong.

Present tense

I take, you take, he takes

I get, you get, he gets

Past tense

I took, you took, he took

I got, you got, he got

So grammatically, assuming you intend present tense, it should be

He takes a funny look

He gets a funny look

Now, what verb to use with funny look? Take is never correct.

I can give someone a funny look; this means that I have a quizzical or disapproving expression. So give is the correct verb to describe the person making the facial expression.

If I am the person doing something odd, then someone can give me a funny look, or I can get funny looks, or I can receive funny looks. In all cases we are finding a verb to fit with give. Some examples.

When I entered the room Jim gave me a funny look.

I said "What's the matter Jim, don't you like my new hair-style"?


I don't think my choice of clothes was appropriate, I got some funny looks from the hotel staff.

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