The search co-ordinator insisted the latest developments should be treated as unverified "until such time as we can provide an unequivocal determination"."We are working in a very big ocean and within a very large search area, and so far since the aircraft went missing we have had very few leads which allow us to narrow the search area," he said.


I have checked it in Longman and I have my doubts whether its meaning has to do with second or third definition. Here is the link to Longman. Could you simplify it? http://www.ldoceonline.com/dictionary/determination

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In very simple language - don't consider anything confirmed unless we come up with some concrete evidence. (However, the quotes ("") at that place do not look natural to me).

Determination is not that close to those definitions in this context. I agree with you. Probably this'll help us more -

determination (#3) - A position, opinion or judgment reached after consideration

Unequivocal is without doubt and confirmed.

This might make clear now...

...we can provide any judgement without any doubt...

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