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In recent times, the vast advancement in digital technology has led to dramatic improvements in both how people interact with each other and maintain and build relationships.

I searched through google to find use of both in similar sentences, but didn't find anything. I doubt if the use of "both" and use of "how" just after "both" is correct in this way. Also, Is there any punctuation required in this case. Source: trying to write about what digital technology has improved in communication and connections between people.

I really appreciate your help.

  • Did you try to look up that on a dictionary, such as Cambridge Dictionary, Oxford Dictionary? – WXJ96163 Mar 17 at 22:41
  • @WXJ96163 - thanks for your response, I saw many examples of "both" in a sentence on the Cambridge Dictionary. Unfortunately didn't come across something similar. – s_singh83 Mar 18 at 6:14

The sentence parts after "both" lack parallelism, which they should have to be combined under the word "both". A suggested correction:
"... in both how people interact with each other and how they maintain and build relationships."
A simpler correction would be just to drop the word "both" from the sentence, leaving "how people interact with each other and maintain and build relationships."

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  • Thank you, your response is very helpful. – s_singh83 Mar 18 at 6:00

I would omit 'both' since that word refers to 2 of something and in your version people are interacting, maintaining and building.

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