If you don't define a default or parameter-less Constructor for your class the C# compiler creates one for it. You're not going to see it, but it will be in the IL or Intermediate Language code that will be result of the compilation.

I saw this sentence in a programming teaching video, I'm wondering why there is no definite article before result, I've Googled around for use cases of zero article but find nothing related to this situation.

The video is here

  • If the video you are asking about is publicly accessible (for example on YouTube), please include in your question a link to it at the approximate time where the the line at issue starts. – Eddie Kal Aug 28 '20 at 17:52
  • @Eddie Kal♦ Link included. – preachers Aug 28 '20 at 18:37
  • 1
    Great. It is obvious this guy is not a native speaker. He is pretty fluent but understandably makes mistakes in his speech flow. See, that is why you need to show us your source. – Eddie Kal Aug 28 '20 at 18:43
  • 2
    Mosh Hamedani, the speaker, sounds like he's a native Farsi speaker, and while his English is quite good, it's not perfect. Articles work somewhat differently in Farsi - in fact, they have no definite article. This is a mistake. – Juhasz Aug 28 '20 at 18:44

It’s just a mistake. There should indeed be a definite article in this context.

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