I assume that That and Those both are same parts of speech. But I have some question:

I know this is correct -

The room is stuffed with the dead animals that I have hunted.

Now I know that in this usage "that" can be used for both singular and plural nouns. But can I also use "those" in place of "that" when plural noun is there or will it be wrong?

[N.B so far I haven't seen such usage]

  • I think that that works as a relative pronoun. On the other hand, those, though can work as a pronoun, can't be used as a relative pronoun, as far as I know. Jul 2, 2014 at 14:47

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"That" and "those" are both pronouns. However, while they are both demonstrative pronouns, "that" is also a relative pronoun.

The demonstrative pronouns are "this", "that", "these", "those". They can replace nouns, for example: Give me that!; I want those.

The relative pronouns (e.g. "that", "which", "whom") are used to start a relative clause, as in your case. Another example would be: Please, give me the bag which is on the chair. or I want the grapes that you haven't started eating yet.

In these two examples "that" cannot be substituted by "those" because "those" does not have the function of a relative pronoun.

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