I am creating a kitesurfing website, and I have a problem.


  • There is a table with the columns Title, OwnType, Type of equipment, DateCreated
  • Entries in the OwnType column may be 'My' or 'Found' or 'Lost'. Entries in the Type of equipment column are Board, Footwear, Board Accessories.
  • User 1, "Adam" enters a piece of equipment which he owns
  • User 2, "Dave" enters a piece of equipment which he has found
  • There is a search page which User 3, "Anna" uses to discover who has lost or has found a particular kind of equipment; for instance, Board nobile 2013 size 10m. Her search returns these two records.

First question.

What English term would be good to display for OwnType?

Second question

What English terms would be good for the values displayed in the column OwnType?


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For something like this, a good heading would be "Item Status". (You could come up with any number of appropriate headings, but I think that one works well enough.) The idea is that the values in this column will tell you the current status of the item entered.

As for the values, I would use "Owned" (I have this and it's mine), "Lost" (I had this but I can't find it), and "Found" (I have this but it's not mine). These seem to be the clearest ways to express the states of the item. (You could also add a "Wishlist" category if you want; "I don't have this but I want it.")

As an aside, I'm not sure I understand what useful information would go in the "Title" column. Also a column with the name of the poster would likely be useful; if Anna lost the item, when she gets her search results she needs to know that it was Dave who found it. Otherwise how will she get it back?

  • Thanks. It's good suggestion. I did not say the truth about the columns, I have last column is 'send email'
    – Mediator
    Commented Aug 4, 2013 at 15:10

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