Is this correct to say? Bodybuilding Young Woman Beats Anorexia Through Exercise.

Or should I use it this way: Bodybuilding Young Woman Beats Anorexia With Exercise.

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    (in response to the close vote) This is not a proofreading question. It's about through versus with. I would prefer not to close this question with that particular close reason.
    – user230
    Dec 7 '16 at 12:51
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    This isn't a matter of being "correct", it's a stylistic choice (where credible alternatives include through, with, by, using, via, etc.). Dec 7 '16 at 14:57
  • Young Woman Bodybuilder Beats Anorexia with Exercise
    – Lambie
    Dec 7 '16 at 21:11

I would say "through" rather than "with". To me, "through" implies that bodybuilding was more than just a tool, it was a process and an experience she went through that helped her.


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