What's the meaning of the expression "unstick folks", in this context? A guy, who "prides himself on being able to unstick folks", is helping another person with a computer trouble.

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    If it has a meaning that should be something like To solve people's problems, particularly by getting them out of a situation in which they're stuck… but that's deductive reasoning. Having worked with computers for nearly 30 years and four or five of them in technical support, when I spoke to at least several hundred thousand users I have never once noticed that phrase in speech or writing. Commented Sep 19, 2017 at 15:55

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This seems like a negation of the specific definition of stuck below.

verb (used with object), unstuck, unsticking.
1. to free, as one thing stuck to another.
verb (used without object), unstuck, unsticking.
2. to become unstuck:
Finally, the car's horn unstuck.


  1. adjective
    If you get stuck when you are trying to do something, you are unable to continue doing it because it is too difficult.
    They will be there to help if you get stuck.
    If he gets stuck on a word, he can make the computer prompt him.
    Synonyms: baffled, stumped, at a loss, beaten


Here folks is the object of unstick. So if they (the folks) have a computer problem and they become stuck (= baffled, unable to progress), then he is able to help them with hints or solutions. In that sense, he unsticks them. They are no longer baffled and they are able to proceed in the problem or onto another problem. He prides himself on this ability.


It seems like the adjective in your example


is used as the present tense of


so to

unstick folks

is someone who helps people

become unstuck
He helps people become unstuck.

which is how it is usually phrased.

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