I am always confused with using the articles "a/an/the" and countable/uncountable nouns. Could you suggest some books or workbooks for me to practice?

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I don't know any books but I could give you a brief explanation as a native English speaker.


a” is the indefinite article and is used when the noun does not begin with a vowel sound. Example: “a cat”, “There is a cat over there.”


an” is the same as a except that it's used when the noun begins with a vowel sound. Example: “an apple”, “an hour”.


the” is the definite article and is used when you already know exactly what you are talking about. Example: “The cat sat on the mat.”


When a noun is countable, it can be counted without the use of separate units. Examples: cats, apples, books, litres (or liters if you learn American English), cups. You would say “many”. Example: “There are many cats.”, “There are many litres of water”.

When a noun is uncountable, it can't be counted. You can't say “1 water” or “2 waters”, you would say “1 litre of water” or “2 litres of water”. Examples: water, liquid, paper. You would say “a lot of”. Example: “There is a lot of water.”

  • Sometimes I feel confused with "the xx of the xxx" and "the xx of xxx" or just "xxx" .I can't understand when they use. (xxx and xx are nouns)
    – ecar
    Jul 28, 2017 at 13:59

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