Songs often speak of or sing of the importance of music to the heart and to the soul.

How should I analyze the above sentence? Is "songs" the subject, "speak of/sing of" the verb?

But how can "songs" speak something?

Can anyone please explain the meaning of this sentence?

The above sentence is from a youtube video. Below is the link. The line is at about 2:56

bbc learning english

  • Did you look up the definition of speak? Among its meanings are "to express thoughts, opinions, or feelings orally" and "to express feelings by other than verbal means". – stangdon Dec 15 '17 at 14:50

It's a style; figuratively, maybe! Don't think that subjects here are the ones performing the action. That's how it's written! You need to keep those things in mind, just learn as they are.

City witnessed a big chaos yesterday
This battleground has seen the blood of hundreds of people

In all such cases, non-living (inanimate objects) haven't performed the actions.

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