I would like to clarify the stylistic differences in the usage of the words article and paper (in the meaning a piece of writing).

When writing a research article/paper, or its abstract, in which cases it's appropriate to use the article discusses, and when the paper discusses?

By the way, does the verb matter? May be reviews it's a better choice in some cases? Or deals with? Or examines?


You may find your answer here Difference between Paper and Article for scientific writings

Concisely, a research article is almost always a piece of writing that is published in a journal whereas a research paper is mostly unpublished. A research paper is normally presented at a conference or is peer-reviewed whereas a research article normally isn't. On the other hand most sources indicate that the difference between a paper and an article is so vague you cannot tell what is actually is.

Concerning your latter question:

Pretty many verbs can follow the words "article" and "paper". They can: deal with, review, speak about, discuss, mention, examine, describe, say, highlight, face, explain, proclaims, contain, deploy, state, and so on.

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