It is from Crash Course Anatomy & Phisiology. It is at around 1 minute and 30 second to 2 minute. Here it goes:

Because, as unpleasant as a stick in the eye or tack in the foot may be, pain actually is a great example of where everything we have talked about over the last few weeks all come together. As we trace a pain signal through the nervous system, from the first cuss to the Hello Kitty band aid.

Dictionaries say that cuss is the same as curse, but I still cannot understand what it means there.

  • When people step on a tack, or cut themselves, or experience some other sharp sudden pain, they often say %@!*!* That expletive [for example, "dammit!" or "shit!" or "oh fuck!"] is the first cuss (the author may also be playing on the phrase "the first kiss").
    – TimR
    Mar 18, 2018 at 13:12

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To build on @Tᴚoɯɐuo's comment:

A "cuss" can by anything from a mild "ouch!" to a vulgar profanity. See the definition of cuss (noun), follow the (b) link to the definition of curse (noun), definition #2. The word "cuss" was originally a dialectic pronunciation of the word "curse" that fell into common use.

The speaker was being overly dramatic to create an atmosphere of fun while speaking about a normally dry and boring topic.

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