Before the United States joined, half the country-specific votes condemned Israel. During the first six years the United States was a member, resolutions critical of Israel dropped to one-fifth. U.S. membership also led to a sharp decrease in the number of special sessions that focused exclusively on Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. Washington Post

What does "country-specific votes" mean? When I searchd for country-specific, Cambridge says

used to describe a product or service that is designed for a particular country, rather than for many countries Cambridge

Then does "country-specific votes" mean the votes targetting Israel, or the votes specific countries attend?


A look at the resolutions from a UNHRC session is enlightening. The resolutions are categorized, one of the categories being "Condemnatory Country-Specific Resolutions". The "Condemnatory Country-Specific Resolutions" are each about human rights situations in specific countries (in the linked list, we have Syria, Belarus and Eritrea).

So, "country-specific votes" in this case would mean votes about a resolution targetting Israel.

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