"ha" can be used in a sarcastic way like this:

A: When did the first war happen?

B: In 1950.

A: Wrong. It happened in 1914.

B: I know that.

A: That's why you answered it correctly, ha?

I thought of "huh" as a synonym to it, but its meaning doesn't indicate that.

I found the following web page, but it appeared to have no synonyms to the above case:


The meaning of "ha" according to Cambridge dictionary:

Used to express satisfaction that something bad has happened to someone who deserved it, or to show that you have succeeded in something.

The meaning of "huh" according to https://www.vidarholen.net/contents/interjections/ :

Really? - Mild, indifferent surprise

  • If "ha" was actually written, you should cite a source. It could be an utterance or an error. As spoken, there is little difference between the two. – user3169 Jan 24 '19 at 5:26
  • I wrote the dialogue myself to be provided as an example of one of "ha" uses. And although I have previous knowledge about "ha", I defined it according to Cambridge Dictionary in my question description above. – Tasneem ZH Jan 24 '19 at 9:27

I got a few suggestions


A sarcastic version of agreeing with someone about an argument.

A: That's why you answered it correctly, right?

You can place "right" at the beginning or use "sure" in that same place.


the quickest way to answer a question when not paying attention that usually doesn't include any thinking what so ever. Also used in a very sarcastic way.

A: Right, that's why you answered it correctly
A: Sure, that's why you answered it correctly

You can also use a question tag to show sarcasm

It is possible for a positive statement to be followed by a positive tag for even more effect (sarcasm, anger, disbelief, shock, concern) {source}

A: That's why you answered it correctly, did you?

As pointed by @user3169, huh is another option.

"Huh?" is also frequently used in a sarcastic or challenging way. With this usage, the "challenged" information has very high pitch and both the "challenged" information and "huh?" are stressed:

He isn't hére, húh? {source}

A: That's why you answered it correctly, huh?

  • Thank you for the answer. I was wondering if these are synonyms for the interjection/expression "ha" or suggestions for the case I have provided since that word doesn't exist? – Tasneem ZH Jan 24 '19 at 16:17
  • 1
    @TasneemZh I was answering your question, those are synonyms in the context that you have provided. I was not criticizing the use of "ha". It seems a valid word. – RubioRic Jan 25 '19 at 7:15

It seems like it should have been huh.

A: That's why you answered it correctly, huh?

See huh:

Huh is used in writing to represent a noise that people make at the end of a question if they want someone to agree with them.

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