I don't think it makes sense that "huge hives on one's face make one look good", therefore I do not follow what the speaker really mean or imply in this sentence.

My guess is:

1 It's an irony or humor, which in fact she regretted having gone on diet giving her hives.

2 It's a fashion to have hives on face??

Could anyone help me understand this sentence please?

The context is:

"I" am having a conversation with "she", my sister, who is a college student now and she's really smart. We are close.

Here is the sentence:

She looked at me, then removed the glasses. ‘You okay? You look like shit.’

‘So do you.’

‘I know. I went on this stupid detox diet. It’s given me hives.’ She reached a hand up to her chin.

‘You don’t need to diet.’

‘Yeah. Well . . . there’s this bloke I like in Accountancy 2. I thought I might start making the effort. Huge hives all over your face is always a good look, right?’

I sat down on the bed. It was my duvet cover.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes


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I believe she is being ironic.

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