There is a company which has many offices, every office has a specific name, for example, "Mercury", "Earth", "Sun" etc. How do I say?

" See you later on Mercury"


"See you later at Mercury"


"See you later at the Mercury"
"See you later on the Mercury"


An office is a location for which we use "at". One is "at the office", or "at Mercury". There's a real famous record company called "Mercury Records", and if one were to go there, one could say they were "at Mercury". Even though Mercury is a planet's name, one is not referring to the planet, so not "on Mercury". "On Mercury" always implies "on the surface of the planet Mercury".

We name based on the type of object, not its name. We go to the bar, even when that bar is called "Arthritis", for example. Normally, no one can "go to arthritis", but the place is a bar, and you can go to a bar, hence "go to 'Arthritis'".

The best way is to incude quotations around the name of the place, and through this method, one can avoid the confusion of offices named after planets, and just anything named after a weird thing in general.


If you're talking about an office on a planet named "Mercury" (I assume you're writing a science-fiction novel), you would say:

See you later on Mercury.

See you later on Earth.

See you later on the sun.

If you're talking about meeting someone at a club, bar, or restaurant named "The Mercury," you would say:

See you later at The Mercury.

If you had a spaceship named "Mercury," you could say:

See you later on Mercury.

See you later on the Mercury.

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