Can we say "my hobby is read book"? Is it correct?


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In the sense that you mean it, no.

Your example contains is read. If read is the base form (as your question implies), this is not grammatical. [As it happens read is also the past participle of read (pronounced differently: the base form sounds the same as reed, but the past participle sounds the same as red), so is read can be grammatical; but it is passive, so something every night a book is read makes sense. But I don't think this is what you meant.]

What I think you are trying to say is my hobby is reading books. Various things can follow is: a noun or noun phrase, an adjective or adjectival phrase, an adverb or adverbial phrase; but not a verb phrase. The -ing form of verbs acts like a noun, or introduces a clause which acts like a noun phrase. So reading books acts like a noun phrase, and can follow My hobby is.

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