This is a stand alone sentence, used as an exercise in learning Mandarin Chinese. It has no context. I feel that it is more natural to say "that's my brother and sister", in English. Am I wrong?


Both sentences are fine—but context will determine which is more appropriate.

For instance:

"Who are those two people?"
"They're my brother and sister.

Here, you are answering a question.


I pointed at the two of them and said, "That's my brother and sister."

Here, you are describing something you've introduced yourself in a demonstrative way.

  • @Natalie I don't think there's any problem adding clarification to a question—so long as it's not edited in a way that it makes existing answers confusing. Maybe add something like a Note clarification at the end. – Jason Bassford Supports Monica Mar 29 '19 at 2:28

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