What do you usually call someone who usually does anything so slowly that sometimes it can even get on someone's nervs?

We call such a person a "slow-motion" and say:

  • He's a reall slow-motion!

How would you convey the same message?

Added: in my language this word can be attributed to the person either in a humorous way or sarcastically; even to somebody who walks so slowly.

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There is a word that can be used to describe such a person: slowpoke.

: a very slow person
// We're going to be late if that slowpoke doesn't hurry up.
// quit being such a slowpoke this morning, or you'll be late

I can't think of a context in which it wouldn't be used in at least a somewhat negative way.

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    In British English, it would be a slowcoach or slow-coach. A sluggard is a somewhat formal term. Apr 26, 2019 at 8:37

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