Is there a verb for "created", but for policies? I am not sure, but "created" doesn't sound right when used with policies, so I thought of "came up", but it's too informal, so I am not sure if there's a proper verb for it.

For example:

The economic policy was ___ by the current chief economist of the World Bank.

Written sounds off too, because I want to say "created, imagined", but all these verbs also seems to be inappropriate with the word "policy".

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The verb I most often see in this context is "drafted". Strictly speaking, it means "wrote the initial version of the document in which the policy is expressed".

The Jones administration drafted its new trade policy.

By metaphor, the creation of the policy document is extended to mean the creation of the policy itself.

One could also use

  • thought of
  • came up with
  • devised
  • invented
  • created

there are shades of meaning that differ among these verbs, but any can be used to mean the creation of a policy or any other idea.

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