Let's assume there was a car accident, specifically on the bus ride so it's not your fault, and you received a letter below. (Idk who is the sender, only that it is related to the accident) What does the breach letter mean in this case? I searched the meaning of a breach letter and it says it is 'a letter sent before accelerating the loan and proceeding with foreclosure'. But.. in this case, it doesn't make sense to me;

+edit : Oh, I'm not the recipient of the letter so I can't read what this 'attached' breach letter says. Someone asked about this case and I also got curious about what the breach letter is supposed to mean here in this context :]

Please see the attached breach letter. If you could please contact me at your earliest convenience on 0001-000-1111 to discuss your claim that would be greatly appreciated.


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A "breach" is the act of breaking or failing to observe a law, agreement, or a deadline.

I can only assume that a "breach letter" or "breach notification" is a letter notifying you that a breach of some kind has occurred.

Given the context, the 'breach' could refer to:

  • the breach of some traffic law
  • the breach of a deadline stated in a previous letter - perhaps because you did not respond by a stated deadline?

I would hope that it would become apparent by reading the attached breach letter.

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